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Tecton on Snowflake Deployment Model

Tecton’s deployment model gives you control over your data while benefiting from the agility of a SaaS solution. Tecton orchestrates best-in-class infrastructure that already exists in your stack, while abstracting its operations away, so you can focus on building and deploying ML applications.

Tecton operates out of a control plane and a data plane.

Architecture Diagram

The control plane, which lives in Tecton’s single tenant AWS account, is operated by Tecton to guarantee core services and manage metadata. Core services include orchestrating data pipelines and serving online features to applications running in production.

The data plane consists of your Snowflake and AWS accounts. Features are processed and stored in your Snowflake account. Additionally, features may be stored in your AWS account when needed for online serving. The data plane does not host any proprietary services from Tecton.

This architecture ensures data security and compliance while leaving operational overhead to Tecton. It enables you to receive constant updates and get access to new product features seamlessly. And it guarantees that Tecton engineers can independently maintain and resolve any urgent issues with your features, 24/7.

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