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Version: 0.5

Tecton on EMR Deployment Model

The SaaS Deployment model splits Tecton between a control plane and a data plane.

The data plane, which lives entirely in your AWS account, is responsible for all data processing and data storage. It connects to your raw data sources, turns raw data into features, and stores those features in the offline and online feature store. The data plane hosts only AWS native services - it does not host any proprietary services from Tecton.

The control plane, which lives in Tecton's AWS account, is operated by Tecton and manages Tecton's metadata as well as core services, such as feature serving, pipeline orchestration, monitoring, and web UI. The control plane communicates with the data plane to orchestrate data pipelines, monitor its health, and serve features. Your data is never stored in the control plane, all features are materialized only in the data plane.

Architecture Diagram

This SaaS architecture minimizes Tecton's footprint in your AWS account and is limited to the processing and storage of sensitive data using exclusively AWS native services. Read more about this architecture's benefits here.

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