class tecton.KafkaOutputStream(kafka_bootstrap_servers, topics, options=None, include_features=False)

Configuration used for a Kafka output stream.



Instantiates a new KafkaOutputStream.

__init__(kafka_bootstrap_servers, topics, options=None, include_features=False)

Instantiates a new KafkaOutputStream.

  • kafka_bootstrap_servers (str) – The list of bootstrap servers for your Kafka brokers, e.g: “abc.xyz.com:xxxx,abc2.xyz.com:xxxx”.

  • topics (str) – A comma-separated list of Kafka topics the record will be appended to. Currently only supports one topic.

  • options (Optional[Dict[str, str]]) – A map of additional Spark readStream options. Some example options are kafka.security.protocol kafka.sasl.mechanism, kafka.sasl.jaas.config etc.

  • include_features (bool) – Return feature values in addition to entity keys. Not supported for window aggregate Feature Views.


A KafkaOutputStream object.